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Updated: March 03, 2022

When You first came to our website, You were prompted to save cookies. Please click „Accept” and save them. By doing so, You will provide Yourself with the most comfortable use of the TOPFOOD website.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a very small amount of data stored in Your browser. This data gets to You through the network as soon as You access our or any other modern web resource. When You come back to TOPFOOD from the same browser and the same device, our servers will easily recognize You and let You through without unnecessary reminders. Cookie technology is used by all modern Internet resources, including our website TOPFOOD.

In accordance with ICC UK Cookie guidelines, we have categorized the cookies provided by our site into the following categories:

1. Required cookies
The required cookies are needed for the full functionality of the website TOPFOOD on Your device. Thanks to the required cookies You have wide access to interesting materials on our website, including the information that is in a protected area.

2. Functional cookies
Functional cookies stored in Your browser enable the correct operation of our site on Your device, while enhancing Your user experience. The settings of the site and Your personal preferences are taken into account by the functional cookies, so You use only those features of TOPFOOD that You are really interested in.

3. Productive cookies
Performance cookies sent to You help us determine the number of visitors to our site and understand information about their actions. This information helps us greatly in improving TOPFOOD so that whenever You visit our site, You will find the information You need very quickly.

4. Targeted cookies
Targeted cookies take into account the TOPFOOD pages You have visited, as well as links of Your conversions from our site. We need this information so that our site, including the ads displayed on it, can best meet Your expectations. To do this, in some cases we share the information we receive with outside companies.


Services of third-party services and companies

Some third-party services help us better understand the peculiarities of users' interaction with the website. We get information about how many people visited TOPFOOD, which pages are most popular, how users interact with our website. Services, which provide us this information, may also use cookies, which we have no control over.

In addition to these services, we work with third-party companies that advertise on TOPFOOD website as part of our agreements with them. They can use advertising or targeting cookies that are beyond our control. These third parties may have direct access to cookies and certain other information, including information about our site traffic.

The level of access of third-party companies to the information received from TOPFOOD is agreed upon with us in advance. However, third parties receive data from cookies directly, without our control. The information contained in these cookies, in accordance with the Privacy Policy, is not disclosed to us.

In addition, advertisements may use information from other sources that are not related to us. Such activities are not covered by our Privacy Policy. If You want to reject the targeted advertisements shown to You on TOPFOOD website by third-party companies, You have to contact the representatives of the relevant company directly.

Third-party companies we cooperate with

    1. Google Analytics

First party cookies are used here. They measure the total traffic on our site and also generate aggregated and completely anonymous data about the pages viewed and the sources of Internet traffic. In addition, Google company receives information about the operating system of Your device and browser version that You use to view the website TOPFOOD.

If You do not want data about Your visit to our website to be sent to Google Analytics, You should change the settings on Your browser according to the recommendations in the following link: 

    2. Google AdSense

In this case, Third Party Cookies are used. The data we receive from them helps us adjust our marketing strategy. These cookies allow users to see ads on our site that are tailored to their personal interests as much as possible.

If You want, You can tweak the Google Ads settings for You on the Google Ad Preferences page at the following link: 

If You want to temporarily or completely opt out of ads that are specially targeted to You thanks to these cookies, then You should follow the recommendations or download the following link for Your browser: 

    3. Google Ad Exchange

Third party cookies are also used here. According to the information we receive, we only show ads that are targeted to visitors to our site.

You can fine-tune Your advertising preferences. You can do this on the Google Ad Preferences page at the following link:

But if You want to temporarily or completely give up watching ads tailored to Your interests, You can do it according to the recommendations in the following link: 

Note that each of the cookies described above can be stored in Your browser for up to two years.


Is it possible to disable cookies?

It is not recommended that You disable cookies. This is explained by the fact that the website settings are closely related to these files. If You disable cookies, then many websites, including our TOPFOOD, will not work properly on Your device and a number of functional benefits will not be available to You.

However, if You do not want to use cookies, You can disable this feature in Your browser settings:

You can get more information about cookies by following these links:  and .


About this cookie policy

If the cookie policy on this page has been translated from English into another language, the English version takes precedence in the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the English version and any translation thereof.

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