Recipe from Lily Moore
Chicken Mini-Burritos
Cooking time: 30 min
Servings 20
Mini-tortillas will feed your family and cheer them up for the day ahead.


  • Chicken fillet
    8,6 oz
  • Mini-tortilla
    10 pcs
  • Spicy paprika powder
    to taste
  • Avocado
    10,4 oz
  • Garlic clove
    1,4 oz
  • Onion
    7 oz
  • Natural yoghurt
    2 fl.oz
  • Lemon juice
    to taste
  • Lettuce
    to taste
  • Olive oil
    to taste
  • Tomatoes dried in oil
    10 pcs

Nutrition facts per serving

  • Calories

    93 kcal

  • Protein

    10 g

  • Fat

    3 g

  • Carbohydrates

    10 g


  • Wash the chicken fillet, dry it and cut into small cubes. Add ground paprika and fry chicken in a pan with hot olive oil.

  • Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. Then separate with a spoon the flesh from the skin. Finely chop the garlic and onion. Puree the avocado, add yogurt and lemon juice to the puree. Add salt and pepper. Guacamole is ready.

  • Fry mini- tortillas for 1 minute. Then cut tortillas in half and smear with guacamole. Wash lettuce thoroughly, dry it and chop coarsely. Slice dried tomatoes into strips, place on tortillas with lettuce and diced chicken and roll into small bundles. Secure the bundles with wooden skewers and serve with the remaining guacamole.

Bon Appetit!

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