40-Second Omelet

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40-Second Omelet
Cooking time: 10 min
Servings 1
A simple, quick, tasty and satisfying breakfast option! Many people love omelets for breakfast or afternoon tea. Despite the simplicity and speed of preparation, this is a complete, tasty and nutritious dish. Thanks to chicken eggs, the omelet contains a lot of useful calcium and protein that the human body needs. And it is easy to diversify this dish using different additives, for example, sausage, cheese or vegetables. It will turn out to be even tastier and more satisfying.


  • Eggs
    2 pcs.
  • Water
    2 tbsp.
  • Butter
    1 tbsp.

Nutrition facts per serving

  • Calories

    174 kcal

  • Protein

    8 g

  • Fat

    3 g

  • Carbohydrates

    21 g


  • Beat together eggs and water until blended.

  • In a 10-inch omelet pan, heat butter until just hot enough to sizzle a drop of water. Pour in egg mixture.

  • Mixture should set immediately at the edges. With an inverted pancake turner, carefully push cooked portions at edges toward the center so uncooked portions can reach the hot pan surface, tilting the pan and moving as necessary. Continue until the egg is set and will not flow. Fill the omelet with 1/2 cup of desired mixture. With a pancake turner, fold the omelet in half. Invert onto plate and serve immediately.

Bon Appetit!

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