Recipe from Наталья
Pork moon dumplings
Cooking time: 2 h. 15 min
Servings 15
This dish is a national meal in China. It is very popular to cook dumplings during the Lunar Year. It is made of dough, meat and vegetable fillings. It can be sprinkled with dumpling dipping sauce. Top with chopped green onion before serving.


  • Buckwheat flour
  • Ground pork
    1 lb.
  • Napa cabbage
    1,5 cups
  • Cold water
    1 cups
  • Scallion
    0,5 pcs.
  • Ginger
    1 tbsp.
  • Bamboo shoots
    0,2 cup
  • Garlic
    1 clove
  • Soy sauce
    1 tbsp.
  • Rice wine
    1 tbsp.
  • Sesame oil
    3 tbsp.
  • Vegetable oil
    3 tbsp
  • Salt
    1 tsp.
  • Ground white pepper
    0,2 tsp.

Nutrition facts per serving

  • Calories

    221 kcal

  • Protein

    11 g

  • Fat

    10 g

  • Carbohydrates

    20 g


  • Make the dough. Sift the flour. Combine it with salt (¼ tsp.) in a bowl. Gradually add cold water and knead a smooth dough on a clean table. Then make a ball. Place in a bowl, cover with a towel and wait for 30 minutes.

  • Cook the filling. Put the ground pork to the bowl. Season with the rest of salt, ground pepper. Then pour the soy sauce and rice wine. Mix well.

  • Wash the herbs and cabbage under running water. Finely cut the ingredients and mix with meat.

  • Divide the dough into small parts, make the balls. Sprinkle the table (any flat surface) and roll the balls into 3 in. circles. Place 1 tbsp. of the filling to each circle, make a moon shape and pinch the edges of dumpling. Do the same actions with others circles.

  • Fill a pot with water. Bring to a boil, add a half of dumplings. Cook until tender. Remove and drain.

  • Heat the frying pan. Add 3 vegetable oil and brown on both sides until golden.


  • To make water boil faster, add a pinch of salt.

Bon Appetit!

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