Pork yakisoba noodles

Recipe from Наталья
Pork yakisoba noodles
Cooking time: 15 min
Servings 4
Yakisoba is considered a street food in Japan. Made with noodles, meat and vegetables. It has a sweet and savory taste. This Asian meal is cooked very fast and easy. Make a delicious dinner or lunch.


  • Pork fillet
  • Soba noodles
    1,2 lb
  • Chinese cabbage
    0,4 lb
  • Peeled shrimps
    0,4 lb
  • Sweet red pepper
    1 pcs.
  • Green onions
    2 bunch
  • Sugar
    1 tbsp.
  • Vegetable oil
    1 tbsp.
  • Soy sauce
    3 tbsp.
  • Pickled ginger
    to taste

Nutrition facts per serving

  • Calories

    623 kcal

  • Protein

    44 g

  • Fat

    13.6 g

  • Carbohydrates

    81.5 g


  • Heat the wok pan, pour vegetable oil. Then cut the fillet into pieces and brown until golden brown.

  • Take a pot and pour water into it. Bring to a boil, put the noodles and cook for 3 minutes.

  • Cut the red pepper into strips. Also finely chop the Chinese cabbage.

  • Heat the wok, brown the chopped vegetables and shrimps. Then add the noodles and meat. Pour with soy sauce and sugar. Simmer.

  • Finely chop the onion and sprinkle on top of a bowl.

Bon Appetit!

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