Homemade bread in a frying pan

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4 h. 15 min
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Updated 18.04.2022
A simple, fast, suitable way for everyone for every day! Homemade bread in a frying pan recipe will save you in situations where you need to bake without an oven.


  • Water
    100 tsp.
  • Dry yeast
    1,2 tsp.
  • Flour
    5 cups
  • Vegetable oil
    2 tsp.
  • Sugar
    2 tsp.
  • Salt
    2 tsp.

Nutrition facts per 100 g

  • Calories

    168 kcal

  • Protein

    6 g

  • Fat

    1 g

  • Carbohydrates

    34 g


  • Take a large container. Heat the water until warm. The temperature should be about 100 F, this water is pleasantly warm to the touch. Pour yeast, sugar and salt into the water. Stir everything.

  • Pour flour in portions, sifting it through a sieve. Stir the dough thoroughly with a whisk after each portion. Each time the dough gets thicker. When the whisk stops working, you need to take a spoon.

  • Continue kneading with your hands. You can use a mixer. Continue adding flour, but only a little. Look at the dough, it should not be very liquid, but also too viscous.

  • Form the finished dough into a ball, cover with a cloth and put in a warm place for an hour to rise.

  • After an hour, the dough will double. Take a frying pan with a thick bottom. Lubricate the bottom and sides of the pan with vegetable oil.

  • Put the dough into the pan, spread it evenly over the bottom with your hands. Cover the pan with a lid and leave for another half hour.

  • The dough will rise again. Turn the stove on to the smallest possible fire. Put the pan in, cover it with a lid. Fry the bread for about half an hour. Watch it so that it does not burn. It is better if the lid is transparent, once again it is better not to lift it so that the bread rises well.

  • When one side is well browned, turn the bread over to the other. Fry the bread for another half hour, but without a lid.

  • Remove the finished bread from the pan and wrap it in a towel for an hour. After an hour, the bread will cool down and can be eaten.


  • How to sift flour? 
    To sift flour, you will need a sieve and a bowl over which you will sift the flour. 
    Place flour in a sieve and sift directly over a bowl. 
     • The flour has a powdery consistency and may be a little messy. Empty it slowly. If you do this too harshly, the flour will end up on your shirt and work surface. 
     • It is best to wear an old shirt or apron before sifting.

Bon Appetit!

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