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Updated 22.01.2023
Another soup from Spain, not as famous as the gazpacho varieties, but somewhat unusual in the choice of products. It consists of ripe melon pulp, cucumber, and yogurt. The soup is poured into melon halves and garnished with grapes.Incredibly refreshing, tonic soup-drink on a hot summer day - perfectly cheer you up and suit as a light snack for children. And if you add a little champagne, you can easily turn this soup into a refreshing tonic.


  • Nonfat yogurt
    10 oz.
  • Melon
    5 pcs.
  • Cucumber
    5 pcs.
  • Grapes
    20 pcs.
  • Fresh lime juice
    to taste
  • Red wine vinegar
    5 tbsp.
  • Salt
    a pinch

Nutrition facts per 100 g

  • Calories

    34 kcal

  • Protein

    2 g

  • Fat

    3 g

  • Carbohydrates

    10 g


  • Take a small ripe melon with greenish flesh and a cucumber, wash and peel them. Cut the melon into 2 halves and use your hands or a spoon to get rid of the pips. Grate the cucumber with a fine grater so that it resembles a mashed mixture. You can use a blender or mortar, if you prefer. Put one half of the melon on a plate, it will be a soup bowl. We do the second half in the same way as with the cucumber. To make it easier, cut the melon into many medium sized pieces, so that the blender can turn them into a puree.

  • Place the cucumber puree, melon, nonfat yogurt, and a couple tablespoons of wine vinegar in a blender and whisk everything together. You can also add a few drops of lime juice(or just decorate the dish with lime/lemon slices) and grape juice. Pour the resulting mixture into the untouched melon half. Garnish the top with parsley and confectionery spices and serve. If you want a very refreshing soup, we suggest you put it in the fridge, for about 30 minutes after cooking. You can decorate as you like, you can sprinkle with nuts or add spices. Serve as directed in the recipe, or you can serve the soup as a drink in a glass or as usual in a bowl.


  • Choosing a ripe pumpkin is considered an art that not everyone has mastered. To understand how to choose a melon and not be disappointed, you need to know a few secrets.
    You should not buy cut melons. The knife, the hands of the seller can contain a lot of bacteria, and the place of the cut will be the perfect environment for their spread.
    When buying a melon, be sure to hold it in your hands. If the weight of the fruit doesn't seem naturally light or heavy - not the right size - then it's best not to make the purchase.
    When touching the skin of the melon you should not leave oily traces on your hands - this is the cost of over-treatment of the fruit with wax, which ensures the safety of the fruit. The presence of wax is reflected by excessive shine.

  • You can also make nonfat yogurt at home.  For this you need nonfat milk, a special sourdough starter (which you can buy at the pharmacy) or a cup of ordinary bio-yogurt. 
    The preparation should begin with the preparation of milk, which should first be boiled and skimmed, and then cooled to room temperature. After that, you need to add sourdough or bio-yogurt to the warm milk and mix thoroughly. The mixture should be poured into molds and placed in a yogurt machine for the fermentation process, which usually lasts up to eight hours.
    If you do not have a yogurt machine, you can use any deep container, where you need to put a bowl with yogurt mass and pour warm water so that the water does not get into the product itself. The container should be sealed hermetically with cling film or a lid and placed in a warm place.
    To keep the sour-milk product useful and nutrients, it is necessary to properly complete the fermentation process. This is done by cooling the ready yogurt and storing it in a well-closed container in the fridge for no more than a week.
    For yogurt to contain only healthy and "good" bacteria, fresh milk should always be boiled.

Bon Appetit!

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